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Welcome to chapter 4 tutorial video of Home Automation or Building a Smart Home. In this video we will be learning about setting up the controller and relays used for Home Automation. We will start with basic automation and slowly move towards more advance version in further chapters.

Commands to Install the required components:

  1. Install PIGPIO using command “sudo apt-get install pigpiod”
  2. Install raspi-config using “sudo apt-get install raspi-config”
  3. Run “sudo raspi-config” and select Option 3 -> P8 -> Yes
  4. Run command “openhab-cli console”
  5. Run following command one by one:
a) bundle:install

b) bundle:start org.openhab.binding.gpio

6. Run following commands in sequence to configure PIGPIO service:

- sudo systemctl daemon-reload
- sudo systemctl enable pigpiod 
- sudo systemctl start pigpiod

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